Workstation Schedule

All stations have the same set of tools, but vary by lift type, and station size.

Black = full-size pneumatic, air operated lift
Orange = full-size electric operated lift, Harley tools
Blue = full-size electric operated lift
Red = full-size hydraulic, foot pedal operated lift

Select the day and time you want to come in from the calendar below and fill in the required fields.  You do not need to create an account unless you would like the ability to modify your reservation.

Unless you pay monthly, Payment of $35 for the first hour/$25 per each additional hour will be collected at the end of your visit.  There is a 1hr minimum payment required.

Unlimited workstation use is $170/month.  

Unlimited workstation use with monthly storage (1 bike and 2 parts bins) is $230/month

Neither unlimited workstation option includes overnight/continual workstation use for that month.  Any  customer with a bike left on a lift overnight must pay an additional $25/night, regardless of whether they pay for a work/storage pass or not.

Moto Guild workstations are to be cleaned by the customer, not by Moto Guild staff.  Customers are expected to put all tools back and leave the station clean for the next person. You will charged a late fee every minute past closing time if you are not ready to leave and/or your station is untidy by closing time or in time for the next reservation.

Repeated violations will result in extra fees and/or loss of the privilege to use the facility.

To book your time for a workstation you will need to create an account, sign in, read and agree to sign a liability and covid waiver.